Dennis and Linda Farrow purchased Farrow Lumber Company Sawmill and located it on Cairo Dry Kilns yard.  This sawmill was run by Dennis Farrow. The sawmill has gone through several renovations and is still in operation today, producing high quality hardwood lumber.


Dennis and Terry Farrow started Cairo Dry Kilns. Cairo Dry Kilns is a custom drying facility for hardwood lumber companies and it is still in operation today.


Farrow Lumber Co. purchased a sawmill in Cairo, IL and it was managed by Terry Farrow.

aerial photo of sawmill
portable saw mill


Russel Farrow returned home from the war WWII from serving in the merchant marines.


Farrow Lumber Co. operated a sawmill by George Farrow, Russel’s dad, in Oriole, MO.


Alfred Farrow had a portable sawmill located in Oriole, MO.replica

three men in front of truck
Russel Farrow and grandson Chris


Russel E. Farrow founded McClure Sawmill Company, working alongside his two sons Dennis and Terry.


Russel E. Farrow started Farrow Stave Co. in McClure, Illinois; he manufactured staves for whiskey barrels.replica watches


Russel Farrow began logging crews. He would purchase islands along the Mississippi River, log the islands and raft the logs to New Madrid, MO.

Man sitting on truck
Farrow Lumber Co. in 1979